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Blue Line Signs offers complete solutions for any advertising need; from concept and design to final product in just about any form you can imagine. Our signs and banners are all made in Tulsa and our quality is all around town - you've probably seen our work before without knowing it! Here are a few of the services we currently offer:

Graphic Design

We have over a decade of experience in illustration and design that we draw on for every project that comes across our desk. You can feel safe joining the many happy clients that we've helped over the years. We can create a fresh new design for your project or revamp any current material you have - we work with you every step of the way.  


More than just the sum of its parts, reaching a large number of people with something eye-catching and interesting is always a challenge. Let us plan your next sales event with brochures, door hangers, signage or something completely different. We specialize in creative answers so you can spend time on what's important, such as meeting new customers. 

Signs and Banners

Signs are everywhere and they're all competing for your attention. Knowing this, it's important that yours stand out above the rest. Don't skimp on having an impressive first impression for the wandering eye of the daily driver, sometimes it's the only chance you'll get!

Vehicle Wraps

What better way to get your message in front of people than by displaying it everywhere you and your employees go? Mobile advertising is an important part of establishing a brand and goes a long way towards presenting a professional image for your clients. We can do lettering, magnets, vinyls and much more. We have a custom fit solution no matter what your needs are. 

Business Cards and Magnets

Probably the most common piece of your arsenal in sales is your business card. We've got these down to a science - it's just a small sign, after all. If you're going to have a good sign for your business (you should) you need to have an even better one for yourself! Let us make yours - with a small application of a magnet, you can even stick it on the fridge. Mom would be proud.


We don't stop at signs, we can complete the look for your entire storefront including windows and more. This can be a unique opportunity to show off what makes your store different from the rest on the block and get people talking. If you don't have an idea in mind, we've got you covered! 

Custom Apparel

Need a uniform on a budget? Got a party that you want to make unforgettable? Shirts and hats are an easy and quick way to get your point across in a fun way that will be around for months or years. We've got some comfy choices to select from so you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for everyone. 

Decals and Labels

No product is complete without a big sticker on it telling you all about it! Don't let us tell you what to do with them though, product placement isn't the only thing you can do with a stunning decal. 

Print Services

As you might have guessed, we have some pretty massive printers. We can handle just about whatever job you can throw at us, so if you've got something that doesn't neatly fit into something we do, don't be afraid to ask!